Some more feedback, incorrect links, possible oversights

I know you’ll come to your own conclusion about which, if any of these points, are worth addressing. Admittedly, some of these issues represent more immediate problems than others (and probably easier fixes), but I do hope you consider fixing all of these. The Vampire Demiplane is so good, I just can’t help but want for it to be as perfect as possible!

This link to Mortal Templates for the Allies/Enemies advantage leads to the Vampire Nexus front page

Clicking “details” on the dice roller provides no additional details. Read as is, the player has no way of knowing the number of messy criticals they roll, nor bestial failure results. The only way to get that information is by clicking “re-roll” to see the dice faces. It’s worth noting that this information is required to play the game. This makes the dice-roller unusable until it’s corrected… unless you want to click “re-roll” every time to check what dice faces you rolled. EDIT: most fan-made dice rollers handle this by displaying the following with the roll results: whether the results include critical successes, messy criticals or a bestial failure symbol. Of course, between critical and messy critical, the latter is more important to communicate.

I added a flaw to my character to show one of my players that you can have multiple versions of the same background—in this case enemies. So you can have more than one enemy. Except now i can’t remove it. Is there no way to remove backgrounds, or am I just overlooking how this is managed?

Oh, and one more thing, although I forgot to take a screenshot. When selecting Substance Use as a flaw or advantage, such as in High-Functioning Addict, there’s no field to specify your character’s substance of choice, although the text prompts the player to specify one.

Okay, those are the things that I think should work and hopefully could be easily addressed. The next bit is a bit more of a … I don’t want to say it’s wishful thinking, because I think it’s more than that. A bit underdeveloped, despite being part of the core rulebook experience.

I know thin bloods are unique to other vampires, but they’re still part of the core game, and so is thin-blood alchemy. I believe this whole concept is worth developing a little more. I’ll go through my list, and I hope this isn’t too irritating.

This is something you choose only once and it determines your distillation dice pool. I think players should be prompted to choose their distillation method when they take thin-blood alchemy. This method also determines their dice pool for distilling new formulae and is crucial information for playing a thin-blood.

Additionally, and I can see why this would be difficult to add, but when thin-blood’s resonance changes—something likely to happen nearly every time they feed, they gain new temporary powers. Right now there’s no place to keep track of this on the character sheet, but it’d be nice if there were an additional drop down to gain a new temporary level 1 power (level 2 with intense temperament) to match your resonance.

Yeah, I know, that’s a lot. Thank you for reading though. Vampire is our favourite RPG, and Demiplane is my favourite platform to engage with it on. I can’t help but feel really invested in all the work you’re doing! (I wish I could help too, but this is probably the only way I can do that)

Thanks again, and keep working hard, you guys are doing great

Thanks for this feedback! It helps us a lot having folks like you who are passionate about seeing the best possible support for these games, because that’s something we have in common.

We’ll work through this list and see what we can take a look at in the short-term vs. the long-term.

In regards to your one question about removing backgrounds, you can do that if you go back into the builder for your character and remove any selection you made there.

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Thank you, the character builder method for removing advantages and flaws works exactly as you said. Also, thank you for always taking the time to respond to each and every comment. The team’s dedication does not go unnoticed! :smiley:

We do our very best. :slight_smile:

Another quick follow-up for you here. I found out from our team that we do have a field for flaws like Substance Use - it’s on the character sheet. Here’s a quick sample character to show where it is on the sheet.

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On second thought, looking at the way merits are presented and how they differ from background advantages, I can see the difference and why it’s organized this way. I rescind my prior comment! Thank you for replying and pointing out the “notes”! ^^

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Heyy I don’t know when this changed, but I see that the dice roller provides the proper Details now!!

I don’t know when this fix came through, or if it was just a temporary bug we were experiencing, but if somebody did something, we’re grateful all the same ^^

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It (and several others you suggested to us) came out in the last week or so.

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I just went through the character sheet and noticed some of the changes. Your team is incredible!

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Seeing how this thread has feedback I would like to make a suggestion.
Is it possible, or something planned, to add various common weapons such as guns, knives, swords, spiked bats, etc to the equipment list to help keep track of damage bonuses from items characters would commonly use?

Thank you


Any items that exist in one of the Vampire rulebooks already exists in the character tools, but we have just begun early work on homebrew for our character tools. Once that’s implemented, you’ll be able to create and share custom items, powers, merits/flaws, and more easily. :slight_smile:

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The 2 things I’ve been really waiting for before “enforcing” use of Demiplane for my Chronicle is Homebrew and Printable (or PDF export) of character sheets. I allow a fair amount of Storyteller’s Vault content in my games and right now, my player’s can’t use any of it if they use Demiplane. And some of my players prefer to use old school pen and paper during a session (but don’t mind having a digital repo of their sheet).

I know y’all support the “when it’s ready” style of releases, but is it ballparkable, like “More than a month away”, “More than a year out.”, or “Probably somewhere in between those two.”?

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It’s probably somewhere between those two. We’ve got some more ground to cover before an Export to PDF option will be ready, but we are working in that direction. :slight_smile:

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