Some more issues I found with the Character Sheet

I’m back with some more bug reports:

Sheet for reference:

  • STR Mod isnt applied to the damage of some (all?) thrown weapons, Darts for example

  • Some Items like the “Healer’s Tools, Expanded”, give an item bonus so some medicine checks but not others. On the Sheet, all Medicine checks are affected.

  • Low Light vision is not mentioned next to Perception, where I think it should go?

  • I can give myself some conditions but they dont display properly and they dont affect numbers on the sheet (the later is a really nice feature in Pathbuilder and I hope it gets implemented)

Thanks for sharing this! We’ll take a look at thrown weapons and healer’s tools.

I took a look at your character and I don’t see anything that would grant them Low light vision, which does display in the Perception box on the sheet, as demonstrated here.

I can confirm that our plan is to implement a feature for conditions to affect rolls, but we haven’t quite gotten there yet. It’s on the roadmap. :slight_smile:


I’ve been told the issue with healer’s tools has been fixed. We’ve implemented a toggle switch that you can use to change if you want a weapon to display on your sheet as a thrown weapon, which should allow you to see the right damage calculations.

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Hey, my character is a Tiefling, which grants low light vision.

I also noticed that there is no information on my ancestry and heritage when I select them under the features tab.

Also, I couldn’t find the toggle for the thrown weapons. Not sure a toggle is even needed? Maybe I’m too rusty on the rules but shouldnt those always add STR to hit?

As I recall, low light vision comes from a heritage feat that Tieflings can choose from. However, I don’t see that feat in your feats list, so you may have chosen something else at that stage.

Adding ancestry and heritage information to the features tab is on our list of things to cover.

The toggle is a short-term solution while we work to flesh out the equipment system to eventually handle things like this automatically, as I understand it.


You descend from fiends or bear the mark of the fiendish realms, manifesting as some unusual feature that belies your heritage, such as horns or a tail. You gain the tiefling trait, in addition to the traits from your ancestry. You also gain low-light vision, or you gain darkvision if your ancestry already has low-light vision. You can choose from tiefling feats and feats from your ancestry whenever you gain an ancestry feat.

Oh, I see! I was looking at the Fiendish Eyes feat and missed that in the body text. Thanks for clarifying that for me!

This is updated! Your tiefling should now have low light vision displaying on the character sheet. :slight_smile:

As for thrown weapons, here’s what this looks like: You can click on the weapon and from a dropdown select how you expect to use it, and that will inform how it appears on the sheet.

thank you for these quick fixes.

I dont have the dropdown showing on my Sheet. Brower is Opera.

Thanks for reporting! Could you tell me if you see a toggle for default/finesse under the Fist attack?

yes, I can see and use the toggle for the Fist attack.

Thanks! We’ll look into why the thrown weapon toggle isn’t showing up.

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Ah, here’s an update from the team: The toggle will only appear for melee weapons with the thrown property, so something like a javelin which is always thrown won’t need it because there’s never a scenario where you might use a different skill for an attack with it.