Some new feedback

Miscellaneous feedback time!


  1. On mobile, something about the site’s construction prevents my URL/status bar from shrinking the way it’s supposed to. Here’s a GIF demonstrating how it looks on the Nexus and how it’s supposed to work.
  2. Text on mobile can be extremely small. I pretty much always use reader mode as a result, which isn’t ideal since it often hides images or callouts. (It’s pretty small on desktop, too, TBH.)


  1. On mobile, some tables have rendering issues. For instance, chasse here is supposed to have 5 dots but only shows ~2.5 of them. (This could probably go under “general”, but I don’t have sources for any other books to test against.)
  2. The Players Guide sidebar ToC for “Loresheets and Appendices” incorrectly nests everything inside “Loresheets”.

The font size being a little too small in the Players Guide was something not hooked up properly, but we’ve just done a full pass through on all the places and that should be good to go.

We can see the address bar not hiding, and it looks like that’s another one of those Apple-specific headaches that we’ll look into.

We can’t reproduce the table cutoff issue you have there - looks fine on all our devices / operating systems / browsers - but we’ll keep digging to see what we can find.

And the last one with the table of contents ordering will be updated next week.


I just went through and tested all my browsers, and … they all display the tables correctly, including where it didn’t work last night. Seems to have magically fixed itself, I suppose!