Sort Spells by Spell List in Compendium

If there’s already a forum post for this suggestion, please link it and I will add my voice over there.
The current option to sort spells by class makes no sense, as many casting classes have the ability to choose which spell list they draw from. Spell lists for each class are how first edition Pathfinder and D&D work, but second edition Pathfinder has four spell lists: Arcane, Divine, Occult and Primal. The only spells that you should be able to sort by class are focus spells, as most if not all of them are class specific.
For example, if I click Wizard in the spells compendium, I should only see Wizard focus spells. If I click Arcane, however, I would get the full arcane list, which is where I choose my spells for my spellbook.
There should probably also be a category for rituals to be sorted on their own as well, as they function differently from spells. They might not be in the compendium yet though. But the current way spells are sorted very much doesn’t align with how Pathfinder 2e works in my opinion.


Thanks for the suggestion!