Sound echo when using this website while livestreaming

My DM who used this site last night to live stream the play on twitch, had sound issues, as on Twitch all us viewers could hear was really bad glitching in the voices. If you know how to fix that for a smoother session and Livestream, I would be very much appreciated as I was looking forward to using this website for my turn at the table under my DM for next Saturday…

Do you know if your DM is using Voicemeeter? It sounds like it is something in the DM’s setup and perhaps he was sending his voice twice. If the DM was using something like VM, perhaps post the setup here so we can review it.

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It sounds like it was likely a loop/echo caused by the inputs/outputs in their sound settings. Your DM would be able to adjust their audio inputs and outputs while in Demiplane’s voice/video by selecting the “up” arrow next to the microphone icon. Hope that everything goes well for next Saturday and feel free to reach out here or at if you need any help! Thanks!