Spell Selection + Starting Equipment

First of all I just used the tools for the first time so I may have missed something. I am not very familiar with Pathfinder but I have wanted to play for some time. Just waiting for these tools to be completed to introduce the game to some friends. The first character I made was a wizard. I completed the process and it never asked me to add any spells. Is this something that will be added at some point? Ideally it would just automatically move to this when the class selection and options are completed.

Secondly, I wonder about starting equipment. Not sure if this is even a thing in Pathfinder?

I can provide some answers for you! First off, spell management happens on the character sheet, so once you reach your sheet, you can go in and select your spells there.

Starting equipment is something that will be incorporated later. We have the bones of inventory management built out right now, but there’s still ground for us to cover on that front. Starting equipment is included in that. :slight_smile: