Spellbook during Creation start

I’m testing around with the character builder and noticed that although a few options will let us choose spells (Otherworldly Magic feat for Elf as an example.) However when choosing other things like Wizard or Magus, no spellbook option for our initial spells we can have in our spellbook comes up.

This wouldn’t be a problem, but even going all the way to the spells section, it only speaks on “prepared spells” as a primary (For the Magus at least) and clicking on these blocks can bring us to the spellbook to add spells to it… But there’s nothing telling the user how many spells in their spellbook they start with.

The Magus starts with 8 Cantrips and four first level spells in their spellbook. But there’s nothing after the initial read through and actually reading the descriptions four pages previous.

This isn’t really a big issue, and might sound like complaining for nothing, but after reading through a bunch of things, and gathering equipment, by the time you get to the point of adding spells to your spellbook (after going to the tab, then clicking on the prepared spells slot, then clicking on manage spellbook) one will forget how many spells they can start with in their spellbook. And there’s no indication anywhere at this point how many this is.

So the unassuming player will not understand and think they might only have 5 cantrips and one level 1 spell in their spellbook (The prepared slots that is the only number a player gets.)

All of this would be solved if during character creation when picking a spell casting class the player is given the spellbook and how many spells they have in their spellbook to pick (From all options, ancient elf can choose a archetype dedication for example and picking the wizard gives you a spellbook.) Or if they choose their spell repertoire if a spontaneous caster.

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Seconding this.

The whole spellbook sidebar needs improvement. It should tell you how many spells you currently have in your spellbook (for that level), as well as how many you can have.

I almost think spellbook should be its own tab so there’s more horizontal space. Let the user see all of their spells in the spellbook, which ones are prepared, learned, etc.

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I think it shouldn’t be “how many you can have” but “how many you start with, and get per level”

A big part of the spell book (and why I think it’s as loose as it is right now) is that we can add more spells to it as we go along, studying or transcribing or learning from other casters.

But otherwise yeah. It needs a few minor updates.


We have had some discussions internally, thanks in part to feedback like this that we’ve received so far during the beta. This is something we’re talking about implementing, so we’ll share more about what that might look like if/when we can. :slight_smile: