Spells feedback

Hi guys,

Real quick – I love the general layout and what you have done with the spells. It looks really nice. There are a bunch of obvious fixes that I am sure you are aware about, so I’ll just mention a few things:

  1. The acid splash cantrip (it was pre-populated on a character built prior to this update; not sure if it matters) shows NAN+1 for the damage.

  2. My guess is this is planned, but just in case: I would love to be able to filter the spells by casting time (or even other traits now that I think of it – but casting time for sure). It is already wonderful that you can filter out by spell level.

Speed improvement is nice too!

Thanks for the feedback! Could you please let me know what the number at the end of the url for that character is that you mention in your first point? :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay again!

No worries. Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

Fist initial impression of the spell casting… sick! I like the way the spell book management allows you to search for the spells, etc.

However, when I try to add the spells to my cantrip/spell slots, nothing happens. They simply don’t show up on the character sheet. Character URL ending in 6982. Also, I can’t choose the school of magic for this character either.


Thanks for the feedback! We’ll look into the issue. :slight_smile:

I was able to add cantrips, but clicking on 1st level spells to prepare did nothing.

Was this since the update today? We rolled out a fix earlier that should have addressed it.

Yes it was.

What browser and operating system are using?

Chrome. Windows 11.

I just checked and I’m getting the same effect. I can add spells to the book, but center place Into slots. Cantrips work fine, spells do not. Tested on Vivaldi and Firefox on Linux.

Thanks both. We’re looking into it.

More spell thoughts:

  1. I just noticed that you can sort the spells by name and action. Very nice. The ability to sort by action is very helpful.

  2. The NAN for damage issue appears to be happening for any damage that is listed as ability modifier right now. So, for example Daze and Haunting Hymn. (9348)

  3. It had been about a week since I had tested things, and I was looking at a character I had already created, and could not remember how to get to the spellbook. I knew there was a way to get there, but because I had already put spells into the available slots, there was nothing showing how to get there. I spent more than 5 minutes before I figured out I had to delete a spell, and then I would get the option to get to the spellbook / add spells.

This makes sense once you know, but it is hard to discover. I suggest either add a dedicated button to the spells section to allow you to access the spellbook / list of spells or (simpler option) adding an option to “access spells” in the context menu of the spells.

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For the record, I was able to prepare spells today with my wizard just fine (Windows 10; Edge browser). If the issue continues, this may be a browser or Windows Version issue rather than a Demiplane issue.

Yeah, they corrected the leveled spell issue pretty quickly.