Are there any plans to add Starfinder content to demiplane?

It’ll most likely happen if PF1e is added. I think the rules are just about identical. And if it isn’t but 1e is, you can always homebrew in any content you want for it.

starfinder will more likely after pf2 release if there is a high demand an it sounds like pf1 would only be if there was a demand for it

I own the hardcovers for SF but my party still uses D&D 5e…getting a Starfinder character builder would be amazing and hopefully helpful in convincing my party to play a game or even just a series of one-shots!

Also why I dig this for Pathfinder…us adults don’t always have the time to learn new rulesets AND play them so tools like this are great for helping us busyfolk play other systems…

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