Stowing equipment

Is there a way to store gear on the ground? That would be useful - I"d rather not override the bulk for a large item that isn’t intended to be carried, e.g., an alchemist’s lab.

Not at this time, but I’m happy to pass along the request!

For a “not an ideal or final solution, but might help in the short-short-term” idea, you can grab any container from the “Add Container” list, and then click the settings “cogwheel” button for that container. This will open up a sidebar. From there, click the cogwheel again (this one is in the sidebar), which will let you rename the container, and also set how much bulk it can contain as well as how much bulk it ignores (how much doesn’t count against your character’s carried bulk).


Sure, thanks.

As I noted, I’m just overriding the bulk of those things since I’m not carrying them anyway.

Hey! That’s my trick :wink: :smile: