Strength of Thousands - PF2e

Just an inquiry. Are there plans to add previous adventure paths like Strength of Thousands? Or will there be a way for “homebrewing” to add what we need from sources that won’t make it onto Nexus? Just wondering! Y’all are doing a great job and can’t wait til the character builder drops!

they should be adding it but it might be some time since they have the backlog of other aps to do

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Cool! Yea figured it may be on their roadmap but was just curious. Actually just picked up what I needed on the VTT my table uses since I totally forgot about that option as well. Will get me by until Demiplane drops the AP!

They pretty much rip the pdfs an put them into their format for reader an that an send it to paizo to be approved they put out to us when green lit

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Yes, we are working through the backlog of adventure paths. Next up is Agents of Edgewatch. :slight_smile:


Rock on! Thanks for replying!