Styling and Ease of Use

I’m not sure how to structure this, but using Pathfinder Nexus after having used another online tool that I’m sure some/all of the developers and community are also familiar with… it has been a hard transition due a lot to font and style choice. I think clarity/being easier to read trumps maintaining the same style as the books… but that is just my opinion.

I’m sure a lot of it is either dictated from Paizo or adhered to in order to match printed material, but I have found that it is quite difficult to easily view and understand information quickly.

For instance, the class icons are all encapsulated in a red circle. Thus, all have the same silhouette and not as easily differentiated at a glance (especially to someone who is new to the system). Class and spell school icons are also quite detailed, which isn’t necessarily bad, but (at least in my opinion) not as clear. Contrast that with something like another similar game’s online tool… simpler and more unique class and spell icons make understanding that information much easier.

Additionally, the font choice is also a little difficult to read. It is quite compact and is not the easiest to read when large, but especially difficult when small. And many (most?) tags for things like spells are a deep red. Combined with a small, hard-to-read font, I’ve had to strain my eyes to figure out what they all say. Unique (or an expanded set of) colors for tags could help understand something even if the text is hard to read (although, I’d hope that can be alleviated, as well).

Finally, the red circles of class items, most tags being a deep red, and just the general abundance of the red coloring throughout (I understand this is more a Pathfinder/Paizo thing) could be an issue as red-green colorblindness is the most common. I, myself, do not have any colorblindness, but it can still makes things unclear and I can only imagine it is much worse for someone that has any degree of colorblindness.

I am really excited to get into PF2e and was very happy to see something like PF Nexus exists, especially considering the people behind it. I hope changes to some or all of these can be discussed/considered.


We appreciate the feedback. Thanks! :slight_smile:

From what I saw, they follow the same styling that exists in the various PF2E Books (which I don’t really like either). I think it’s just to be consistent with everything that already exists…

Common Traits are Red, Uncommon are a lighter red / salmon, and Rare are Blue. I personally would have chosen another color pallet (RED = Danger/Restricted in my head) but Paizo already decided on it. The Lost Omen books are a bit blue-er, but still, the overall “theme” of PF2 in all their Rulebooks is Red