Subscription Tier to import already purchased material?

Since Demiplane can connect to game developers’ respective sites, I’m curious if there might be a subscription tier in the future that allows players to connect their items purchased via developer site to connect to Demiplane without having to buy it again (instead of the current reduced-price setup). Players (especially players that game with more than one system) benefit from only having to buy books one time from the developer site if they already have it, Demiplane benefits from the more consistent income (even if it was $9.99/month instead of $4.99/month for that, take my money), and knowing at least one place will honor their material purchases on their platforms benefits the game developers since customers will be less wary buying it there without worrying about having to buy it again elsewhere to run on various VTTs and character sheet sites: they know they can come here and all will be well.

Hello and welcome!

We are always looking for opportunities to make onboarding to a Demiplane NEXUS better for fans, while ensuring we can still keep the lights on to keep doing what we’re doing and making sure we adhere to the licenses we have in place with our publishing partners.

Right now, Paizo is a publisher that provides a means to connect in that way (called Paizo Connect), but we would definitely explore any other similar approaches from other publishers if they’re introduced.

Another thing I’ll share is we expect the NEXUS version of books to be a great way to have all your content with you wherever you need it - outside of sessions, on mobile, and even being imported into your VTT of choice (as we have integrations like that planned on the roadmap).


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