Suggested Feature

So i just looked at your Candela Obscura character sheet launched today and noticed a tab for journal. i click it and low and behold i can not only title a note but also fill in details and keep them seperate by title. and then there is a search feature to help find spacific notes you have typed. This feature is amazing. i for one do not know much about the game but this is the kind of feature any Character sheet could get lots of miles out of. I for one being a 30+ year Game Master and Player of role playing games have always enjoyed taking notes as a player and when my players take notes during the games i run. This feature would be a major boon to any and all of your character sheets. i am currently running an avatar legends game set in republic city and have handed out physical journals from the kick starter to players as its an in person game. but we use the demiplane character creator and group to organize the game and characters. i have noticed my players some times forget their journals but if there was one in their digital character sheet than problem solved.

Would love to see you guys integrate this idea into all your character sheets going forward.

now on a personal note. this new age of digital gaming is amazing and you guys are knocking it out of the park with what your doing with these games and the speed at which you are pumping out digital content and digital character sheets. and by god the detail on each different game sheets in the background images is just stunning. absolute 10/10 keep it up.

Noted! Thanks for the feedback and for your very kind words. :slight_smile: