Suggestion BOX

  1. Each card having its own artwork. (The symbol and border can let you know the domain)
  2. Let characters pick their own domains. This will help in personalizing the build and will prevent having to create other classes to use the different domains or multi-class.
  3. Guidelines for creating Lineages / Communities / Classes/Sub-classes
  4. Add a sheet with the different resources divided into sections so you can use tokens during the game to represent adding and spend resources, so you do not have to mark and erase on the character sheet after every action. (Or just use Nexus)
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Howdy misterd!

The best places to provide your Daggerheart feedback will either be through the character sheet on Demiplane (check out the “Feedback” tab), or by using the surveys available on

Thanks so much for posting (and playing). Roll with hope! :dagger: :blue_heart:

I’ve used the feedback section on a couple characters but haven’t seen a “Send” or “Upload” button for it. Do the feedback forms get automatically sent to Darrington Press or am I missing where the button to upload feedback is?

Your feedback is automagically collected to be sent!


Has anyone else thought it might be interesting (Chinese definition) to have a Critical Fumble option, say Snake Eyes on the 2d12. Some of the greatest stories come out of great adversity.

I could see that working! But it infers that if 2x12 is rolled it is a ‘double crit’??