Suggestion for Avatar Legends

Hi there!

So far I’ve loved working with the Demiplane digital resources, but there is one thing I think would greatly help ease of use for GMs.

In the Core Rulebook and in the Republic City setting guide, there is an adventure in the book itself that GMs can run. Similar to how the 5 adventures in Wan Shi Tong are available outside of the book, it would be very nice to have those adventures available in separate files, rather than having to go through the books to find them while running a session.

Obviously making it contingent on purchasing the parent books would make sense, but I can also see offering to sell the adventures alone as small purchases for new GMs. I don’t know how much of that is up to you/Magpie/licensing agreements, though.

Cheers! Keep up the great work!

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll pass this along. :slight_smile:

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