Suggestions for Additional Filter Options

Hello, I love that filters are working now, but unfortunately there are a few things that they don’t do that would be incredibly useful.
First, it would be extremely useful to just have a search box with every feat list. Sometimes I know exactly what feat I’m looking for and would like to just get right to it.
Second, at third level and every four levels after that you get to choose a general feat, and these are the only opportunities that most characters get to grab general feats that don’t have the Skill trait. It would be really great if I could choose traits to just have filtered out of the list of feats. For example, I’m picking a general feat, so naturally I get a huge list of feats because every Skill feat has the general trait pretty much. So I select a filter that removes all feats with the Skill trait from the list. This would be extremely useful.
Finally, and along the same vein as my previous suggestion, at every even level you can choose a Skill feat. It would be absolutely fantastic if we could filter the list by the specific skill for that feat. For example, I’m a level two Fighter and I’m a big buff mustle guy who does a lot with Athletics. Currently the Skill feat list shows me all of the level 1 and 2 skill feats whether I even meat the prereqs or not, so I just enable a skill filter for Athletics, and it narrows down to the options I’m looking for.
I’m sure other users will have additional suggestions for the filters, but at the moment these are the three that strike me as the most useful ones that aren’t currently available.

Thanks for your suggestions! I’ve passed them along to the team to review. :slight_smile:

I’d also like to suggest the ability to filter out feats whose prerequisites aren’t met.


That’s a great idea! In addition to the ability to filter them out it would be great if even if they aren’t filtered all feats you don’t meet the prereq for would get put to the bottom of the feat list.

more filtering suggestions:
weapon type - simple / martial (makes it easier for sorcerers to find a starting weapon for ex)
armor: unarmored / light / medium / heavy
archetypes: rarity / multi-class / class archetype etc


This would be super useful, skill feats in particular are painful to click through to find those that you qualify for