Sundered Fates Campaign [Online][D&D5e][GMT+1][Long Term]

We’re looking for experienced roleplayers for our ongoing DnD campaign!
Doesn’t matter whether you’re a DnD expert or you’re used to role-playing in different RPGs, if you’re quite a talker and are fine with starting at level 10, we’ll be happy to see how well you’ll fit in!
The campaign’s setting is pretty dark and often depressing, but that’s what makes the moments of our characters’ uninterrupted joy and hope really shine through.
We have weekly or biweekly (depending on what our DM has in store and our availability) sessions on Sundays at 12ish PM (GMT+1 time).
(LGBTQ+ friendly)

If you’re interested, please fill out our (short!) questionnaire

Sundered Fates Recruitment Questionnaire Extraordinaire