Swapping Domain Cards on Level Up (especially for Multiclass characters)

From the rules on Leveling Up, specifically the section Taking Domain Cards, second paragraph:
In addition, they may also choose to trade out one domain card they already have for a different domain card at a level equal to the chosen card or lower.

Does anyone know if this has been implemented in Demiplane yet? I can’t find a way to do it.

For most characters, you could go back and repick your card for that level, but it’s a little trickier for Multiclass characters. Let’s say you hit 5th level and choose to multiclass, giving you access to a new domain. As I read it, you should be able to swap out a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level card for a card from your new domain.

I do see a way to override the 1 card/level limitation, so you could just add the new card at 5th level in addition to your 5th level pick. But it leaves your old card still in your vault (which is fine, just not ideal).

Hello there! You’re correct that to change a domain card, you go back to a previous level to replace that card.

Multiclassing limits your new domain achieved through multiclassing to a level that is half your character’s (rounded up). So if you multiclass at level 5, for example, you’ll be able to select level 1-3 domain cards for your new domain.

Multiclassing allows you, when you get to choose new domain cards, to choose from those new domain cards you now qualify for. With the current rules we have verified with the folks at Darrington Press, it does not allow you to change previous domain cards to the multiclassed domain.

If your GM allows you to work outside of these rules, you can select the cogwheel to the top right of the “Level Up” pane to adjust the limitations, and use the filtering in the domain card selection to ignore the normal requirements.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the help! I just want to say, Demiplane has been such a joy to use. It’s the best platform I’ve seen for character creation. I’m really enjoying tinkering in it.

I’m a little surprised multiclass characters can’t swap out old domain cards to the new domain, but I guess that’s feedback for Darrington Press. Thanks again for the help!

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So glad you’re having a pleasant time with the toolset! (And glad I could help :blue_heart:)

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