Swashbuckler options not rendering

Not getting the options in the swashbuckler window after choosing the class. I can see later levels but the early levels aren’t there. I’m able to see level 14 and after though. The browser is iOS safari (iPad).

Here’s where it picks back up

Not isolated to swashbuckler

Thanks, we’re aware that there are some versions of Safari that aren’t displaying things in the builder properly and are looking into it.

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I just downloaded chrome and am seeing the same issue

I think the builder isn’t optomized for mobile yet, which is probably why you’re seeing this issue in both iOS browsers. They might have corrected this though.

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You bring up a great point, thank you. Yes, while some iOS/browser combinations are able to use the builder just fine, we have not optimized the builder for mobile and tablet views yet, so that is a possible reason for this issue.

Until we can optimize the builder for those devices, using a browser on a computer is going to be the most surefire way to use the builder.