Tablet Support (IOS or Android)

I also would really appreciate an app for offline use.

Hi, similar want for an app - web mobile has been very sluggish

I can see where an app would be appealing. I personally prefer apps over web browsers. However, when it comes to purchases, Google and Apple take a huge chunk of the profits and I would rather see that money go towards Demiplane so they can continue to grow and add more game systems.

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They need an app because iphone has bad web app support.

The demiplane site would be much better if they just got rid of the floating top menu. It takes up screen real estate unnecessarily!

They’re working on having a “working system” first, as function dictates a lot of the interface desing. They’re concentrating on the pc web version first as it’s simpler and quicker. Once it’s stable, they said they’d work on the tablet/phone web version.

Otherwise all development would be slower and everything buggier ( take x devs, spread them thin on various interfaces and each parts has less overall man-hour working on them )

I’m tired of hearing this. It’s already stable. It’s a minor tweak to a UI.

We paid money already. That should matter for something. Your comments make me worry that there’s only like one developer there that only shows up to work once a week or something like that…

I do not know how many dev they have on the UI side, but they were working on a complete re-factorizaton of the tool to speed-up everything and make it more functional. They’ve said that multiple times.

Unless you want everything to slow to a crawl, you do not develop multiple UI in parallel when you’re changing stuff up all the time in the back-end, as it means you have to modify those UI all the time to fit those changes. Better do it with ONE, then when it works and do what you want, replicate those functionalities to other UI.

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Yes, you are probably right about that.

I’m just ranting… :sunglasses: