Tales of the Valiant

I backed the Tales of the Valiant Kickstarter and I will be getting pdfs from there. Is there a discount if I own those pdfs/books from there?


There is nothing like that in place now, but we will continue to work with Kobold Press to explore opportunities and will share more details when we have them. :slight_smile:

I backed ToV and already have the Alpha. I will have the full PDF/VTT release when it goes live, too. I feel very unmotivated right now to drop the money on a platform membership if my currently owned PDF library can’t be used.

I hope that any purchases made through the Nexus ALSO include my own copy of the PDF for my own records, so I’m not just renting the ability to use an asset I actually don’t have full ownership of. That is one of the things I despise about Wizards of the Coast. My owned assets are actually just very expensive rentals.

Please work HARD to ensure that people who own KP and other 3rd party assets can use your site to share their books and adventures.

Just as we do with all of our publishers, we’ll distribute Kobold Press’s content per our license with them.

We actively support the concept of purchasing the NEXUS version of a book and also providing a PDF with that purchase if the publisher supports it (see Pathfinder NEXUS), or the concept of bundling hardcover / PDF / NEXUS versions (see Magpie or Vampire).

If Kobold Press makes either option available for the full release of Tales of the Valiant (or some other way for backers to receive some kind of benefit), we will be very willing to work with them. The same would go for any other publisher we work with.

The thing we can’t do is give everything away for free - that’s a direct route for us to not be able to build great tools any longer - but we are committed to being as good as we can to fans while still maintaining viability as a business (and I believe our track record already suggests that).

We’ll keep exploring opportunities and share more as we have news.


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