Thank you, team behind Nexus

You guys talked about community support, and I just wanted to be one of the first to vocally say it. D&D Beyond was the reason my group of over 5+ years has stayed together, because of the ease of access and the lack of entry barrier for a lot of people. Pathfinder is always something I and two others in my group were interested in, but by design, Pathfinder is just a much more crunchy system. For the people who aren’t going to sit down and theorycraft it can be very off putting. D&D Beyond enabled those people to really sit down and look at character options in a very easy to discern way and it kept our group going.

I can’t wait to see the development of Nexus, and I hope the community forms around this just as it has formed around 5th Edition.


Hi @Spideycloned - my name is Peter and I’m the CEO here at Demiplane.

I wanted to swing by and say “Thank You” for your post during this wild day. The team has put a lot of effort into bringing the Nexus to life and messages like yours keep the excitement alive :slight_smile: I feel comfortable speaking on behalf of the team when I say that we’re excited for what we have in store for you :slight_smile:

Appreciate you sharing your words of encouragement - it means a lot!


Just joined here myself to see what this is all about. looks interesting so far as I dig more into it



Welcome, Tom. Glad to have you!

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Yes, been clamoring for this since the drop of PF2. Thank you making it happen!


I am an old dndbeyond guy and the 2nd I saw Badeye attached to this I was in! My group and myself are super excited to see where this goes and look forward to many years of using this creation!

Forged at the Table


+1 on that. Very excited to see what develops.


Yeah, this will be HUGE for getting my group to give PF2 a shot. D&D Beyond makes it easy enough to build and level characters that even the laziest people can do it and I’m assuming this will be just as easy.

Yes, thank you for all the work done, and all the work to come on the roadmap! I just picked up the Gamemastery Guide last night as my first ever Pathfinder book of any edition due Demiplane and Pathfinder Nexus. And also a thanks for working out the deals with Paizo for discounts and free PDFs, such things come up a ton regarding WotC and DnD Beyond despite them being two separate companies, so that’s a big step that makes me for one pretty happy as a newcomer to the system (I highlight and mark things up a lot on PDFs on my iPad with Goodnotes, for example).

Already very optimistic. Everything already feels more user-friendly than Roll 20! Super excited!

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I too want to say Thank you to the team!
This is shaping up to be great!! The reader UI is looking so good. The CRB navigation is simple and effective.
I am excited for the CS builder. The content sharing, the ease of research, everything!
That other platform has done great things for the 5E community, and I expect this will do the same for the PF fanbase.
Again, Thank You!!

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I’m pumped to see the appearance of stand-alone adventures! Great job to everyone involved and keep up the good work. One minor detail I noticed today is that in the Character Art, Handouts and Map section of Sundered Waves, there’s a typo under “View Player Version”. It says “View Player Verion”

Thanks as always!

Thanks for pointing that out! The typo should be fixed now. :slight_smile: