The character generator not allowing ability score changes

So the character generator is not bringing up any action allowing for ability score generation. Unless every character in Pathfinder 2e starts with a base of 10 in every stat, and there’s no rolling for stats(which would suck because I enjoy the RP of low-stat characters), then there’s a problem that needs to be looked into. Also, I found that if you’re a rogue and you’re doing your skill increases, then if you click “choose a different class”, then go back into rogue, then go back to your skill increases that the old ones are still there. It doesn’t translate to the finished character sheet, but it’s something to look into, especially since it doesn’t allow you to really change it that much to fix it.

Regarding ability scores in PF2, you indeed start at 10 in every stats, then gain “Boosts” (+2, +1 if stats is already at 18) to stats depending on your ancestry (race), background and class. Then you have 4 free boosts at 1st level, then 4 more at levels 5, 10, 15 and 20.

Rolling is an option, but not implemented yet (there’s much more basic stuff to get before getting optional rules…)

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While the base rules do start you at 10 in everything, there is also a note in the core rulebook that says you are more than happy to start a stat lower and several optional rules that allow for other stat spreads.