The Murderworld That Time Forgot - Support Thread

The first Demiplane-exclusive adventure for Marvel NEXUS is now available! Written by the incredible Jim Zub (who also, quite literally, wrote the book on Murderworld!), this adventure is for Rank 1-3 characters and is full of GM advice to help you level-up your skills.

Get it now!

If you pre-ordered the Marvel Multiverse RPG Core Rulebook on Demiplane you get this adventure for free! You’ll receive a code to your e-mail address which you can redeem here. If you can’t find your e-mail, reach out to our Support team.

If you encounter any issues with this book in Demiplane, let us know here!


If I purchase this, can I use the maps in a VTT like Roll20? I use Demiplane for characters, but I use Roll20 for maps & tokens for my players… If I get Murderworld can i use those maps in the product and somehow copy them over to Roll20? I know i can make tokens, my focus is on the maps you are using in the adventure. Thanks. Also, wonderful products you are producing.

You can download the map out of the book and upload it into roll20, should work fine.

The introduction links here link to Source Library - Marvel Multiverse RPG Nexus ( rather than their place in the book.

Fixed, thank you!