Thin-Blood Alchemy Formula Issues

So the plus side of this is that I’m actually getting to spend a little more time as a player recently, and not just as the forever-ST :smiley: I love how the character sheets are improving bit-by-bit over time, and I definitely get the impression you’re taking our feedback, and that’s obviously a great feeling as a consumer and supporter.

All that is to say my seldom-played Thin-Blood is finally improving his talent for alchemy to level 3 and I’ve discovered some issues! :dizzy_face:

1 Counterfeit Powers
Presently, we can counterfeit powers up to our level in thin-blood alchemy. While this is very generous, it is incorrect. At level 2 Alchemy, thin-bloods gain the ability to counterfeit level 1 powers from other disciplines. At level 3, thin-bloods gain the ability to counterfeit level 2 powers from other disciplines, etc. The level of disciplines we can counterfeit should always be 1 lower than our level in Thin-Blood Alchemy.

2 New Formulae on Improvement
Thin-Bloods gain a new formula every time they improve in Thin-Blood Alchemy. This is represented on the character sheets, but the choice of new formula is presently limited to the level attained. In other words, if I were to improve my thin-bloods talent for alchemy to level 3 right now, I can currently only choose to learn a level 3 formula. I believe this is incorrect. The rule for improving in a discipline is that each time you gain a level in that discipline, you may gain a new power at that level or lower. Alchemy is distinct from other disciplines in that you can spend experience to learn new formulae, similar to Rituals and Ceremonies, but there seems to be no rule indicating whether the free formula provided is restricted to that level. I’m fairly certain the rule is that you would gain a new formula at the level you attained or lower, putting it in line with other disciplines.

These two points have culminated in the following unique situation…

I want to gain a dot in Thin-Blood Alchemy, bringing that Discipline to level 3.
When I do so, I can gain a new formula. In this case, I want to gain a formula to counterfeit a level 2 power—the maximum level of counterfeit power available to my Thin-Blood at this level of Alchemy.
The list of available counterfeit powers is only allowing me to choose from level 3 powers of other disciplines. Not only are these powers too strong (the powers we counterfeit should always be 1 level lower than our level in Alchemy), but I should also be allowed to choose a lower-level power if I choose.
In this instance, I can not choose to take the correct level 2 counterfeit power because the character sheet will only let me learn a level 3 formula when gaining level 3 alchemy.

I tried to be as clear as possible, and I hope that makes sense.
I know Alchemy can be a little complex, and I suspect that’s why support for Thin-Bloods is on the backburner, but I can point out the entries in the rulebook to make the necessary corrections if that would help. (Although I doubt I need to, just offering lol)

Thank you for your continued hard work. As a die-hard Vampire fan, Thin-Blood fan… and Demiplane fan XD I’m just eager for everything to be working at the level it should be for a smooth gameplay experience, and I know Thin-Bloods still have a bit of a ways to go (although they are core rulebook, I know not many players elect to play as them).

In the meantime, I’ll hold off on gaining a new formula for my thin-blood until a fix comes through I suppose.

Thank you as always for hearing us out!

Thanks for this feedback! We’ll take a look at this and get a fix in place. :slight_smile:


A fix is in place!! Right on time too! My thin-blood is doing some alchemy at this very moment, preparing new formulas and sourcing ingredients. I was looking through some formulae when I happened to notice that the issue is fixed ^^ thank you so much!!

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