Thin Blood Improvements & Appreciation

I wanted to start a new topic for this in case others haven’t noticed some of the recent quality of life changes, included some much needed love for Thin Bloods!

There are more sources for additional dice now, and those sources are indicated on the dice roller, such as from certain advantages or specialties. This makes it really easy to keep track of all your dice bonuses and is very appreciated!

Additionally, Thin Bloods can now choose their powers and disciplines when their resonance changes! The available counterfeit formulae and their costs have been corrected as well, really improving the quality of life for us Thin Blood players!

All the little updates (and the big ones as well) are super appreciated. I’m sure there are many little changes I’ve neglected to mention as well. In any event, you are all doing great work, and the character tools keep getting better and better. Thank you!!!