Third party / homebrew support?

I know that if this is going to be a feature, it almost certainly won’t be available until the full launch, but is there going to be support for third party books on PFNexus? I’d really like to see the books like the BattleZoo books and Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos book become available to use on the platform.

Alternatively, if there are no plans for this, will there be a way for us to put this stuff (And content that we ourselves write) into our own Nexus libraries as a homebrew section?

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I would imagine that homebrew would be supported, but I have no idea. I really hope so, though.

I just got my Battlezoo Bestiary and I would love to see the player options built in or at least homebrew like D&D Beyond where it can be shared.

Homebrew will certainly be supported - there’s really no way to play these games without the ability to customize!

We would love to see third-party product support, but we don’t have any firm details to share on the front yet. We’ll keep everyone posted.

To add to this - what will the policy be for creating custom/homebrew items (magic items and consumables particularly, but also standard items)? Will there be templates to add specific traits and/or abilities to items and have them affect the character sheet?

Homebrew will absolutely affect the digital character sheet. We know it wouldn’t be too useful otherwise. We’re not quite ready to share more details yet (as we’re still finalizing all the elements), but we’ll keep everyone posted when we can!