Thoughts on the Mobile View

Hey, I’m absolutely loving the mobile view so far. Using it on my iPhone in Safari with the VoiceOver screen reader and it works great. Accessibility stuff I’ve already reported applies here as well but the layout and everything is great. I’ll document one thing I tried to do below that didn’t work the way I was hoping it would. I’m not sure how you would go about fixing this but I’ll explain it as best I can.
So since there’s no dedicated app I added an icon to my home screen for Demiplane since it’s a web app. I opened it up and I liked the results because it loaded up full screen without all the Safari stuff like an address bar and other elements, so it looked like it would work like an app only with no offline access, which is perfectly fine with me. Unfortunately I found that if I navigated to a different part of the site I was put back into a Safari-type web screen complete with toolbar and address bar. So basically what I discovered I would have to do if I wanted to use it this way is to create icons on my home screen for specific parts of the site, like a specific character sheet, or the character builder for a specific character. That’s not super practical, so I just went back to using Safari. When using Safari with a screen reader it unfortunately is tricky to make it go full screen because it is then a challenge to get it back out of full screen, which is why I hoped launching it directly from my home screen would work.
This isn’t a pressing thing at all. I can use it in Safari just fine. Launching it in a full screen interface just gets rid of some annoying clutter. I’m just dropping this here because I’m really curious why it would behave in this manner, and if it can be fixed that would be really cool. That way Demiplane would function a lot more like an app for mobile users, all be it one without offline access. I haven’t actually tried this with other sites that have mobile views, so this behavior could be just how iOS handles things. I honestly don’t know. Either way, I’m loving that I can do this on my phone now. This is awesome.


It’s a shame this has gone unanswered. The mobile app would be PERFECT if not for this issue. If you were to ever tap “done” in the upper left corner of the screen, it would take all the way back to the main page.

Hope this will be fixed.

We noted this feedback when it was submitted.

While it’s possible we could find a way to support what has been described above, it is something that we’d likely prefer to commit resources to after the character tools are more fully developed. There’s so much in flux at this stage in development, that this simply doesn’t make sense until things are in a more finished state, otherwise we run the risk of needing to retread the same ground every time we make a new update. We have a relatively small team and right now, our focus is on building the best character tools experience we possibly can. Once we’ve accomplished that, we’ll be in a really good place to look at other ways to enhance the experience, and things like this make a lot of sense to explore once we reach that milestone and have a firm foundation as a starting point. :slight_smile:

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