Tiefling Fiendish Eyes not working

The Tiefling Heritage grants a character low-light vision, but you can’t select the Fiendish Eyes Ancestry Feat, because you don’t meet the prerequisite of having low-light vision.

Thank you for the report! I’m able to reproduce this issue. Passing it along to the team to take a look.

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If you’re wanting more exmples, I’ve made three different characters to test (Human Aaasimar, Kitsune Suli, Elf Duskwalker), and none of the feats that should give dark vision appear to be registering the prerequisite of the low-light vision given by either the ancestry or the heritage.

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Thanks for this information! This is in our team’s queue, but knowing that it’s consistent across multiple sources gives us a good starting point. If we need more information or examples, we’ll follow up. :slight_smile:

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I’ve just heard that we have a fix for this. It might not roll out until the next update hits, but should be working as expected by next week when that update goes out. :slight_smile: