Timeline on content sharing?

I believe by far that content sharing is the most important feature for the core rulebooks, so that as the GM I can share the compendium content with players. I know there are other features coming like the compendium for adventure paths, character creation, and hopefully in the future combat tracking. Knowing that, I just wanted to reach out to see what the timeline is looking like for players being able to share digital compendium content that the GM has already purchased? DnD Beyond offers a very easy tiered system for a DM to share content with players and I am not sure if its going to work like that or totally different. I imagine if players are going to be able to create their own characters, they would need to have content sharing enabled from a GM that is managing the campaign.


If they aren’t hung up on reading the book in it’s entirety. The compendium is free for all players to browse / lookup stuff. You don’t need to own any of the demiplane books.

Currently there’s no character creator (the other reason to start buying / sharing books) so they don’t need them for that either.

They can literally create a character from the compendium as is right now, for free.

If I’m not mistaken i believe that content sharing is coming after the character builder is done.
Feel free to correct me if anyone knows better.

Great question! And kaffien, thank you for the answer. You are correct.

Content sharing is something that is on the horizon, and we are working hard to get all of the necessary pieces in place for it; character management being one of them. :slight_smile:

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This is great to hear. However, one of the biggest obstacles for myself, and I imagine many others, in committing to pre purchasing any content hinges on this issue. I don’t believe anyone is trying to push for the content sharing feature to be developed faster and implemented before it’s ready, but simply asking that the content sharing policy and planned approach is revealed and set in stone. This would allow people to make that jump in pre purchasing some of those amazing bundles that were recently announced if they knew what they were committing to (content sharing wise) down the road. In other words, the purchasing decisions are tied to understanding what content sharing in or isn’t included with each book or bundle purchase.

We expect to share more about content sharing within the next month - you won’t be waiting long for more clarity. I think fans are going to really dig the way we’re approaching it, and we’re excited to share the news once we can.


Hey! Was there ever more shared here?

In this thread, no. But content sharing is available now as a feature that comes along with Demiplane Membership! For more info about Memberships and Content Sharing, you can check out this article: https://www.demiplane.com/blog/demiplane-memberships-now-available