To confirm, Purcahse Discount from Paizo

Only applies to subscription purchases or an unsubscribed PDF purchases. Not to single Hardcover purchases, regardless if they are Standard or Collector editions.

Is that correct?

Anecdotal evidence suggests yes.
I have discount prices on PDFs I’ve purchased, but not hardcover purchases.

That’s a shame!

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The core rule book is discounted for me after connecting my Paizo account. I purchased a hardcover through Paizos website.

Same. But the other core books I’ve purchased directly from Paizo are not. I was hoping for an official answer to move ahead with the purchase of the currently listed sources.

Re-reading the FAQ it seems to imply that any purchases should have the discount.

Might be worth submitting something to their support or asking in one of the bigger threads if no official response comes.

Hello Heron, thanks for reaching out, as it helped us clarify some misinformation we had surrounding how Paizo Connect works. Apologies for the confusion, but you are correct that the “digital” tier must be unlocked on by owning a copy of the PDF.

We have updated the FAQ accordingly:

I already own this book on, do I get a discount for Pathfinder Nexus?

Yes, if you own a copy of the PDF for that book. When you connect your Paizo account to Pathfinder Nexus, you can get a deep discount for any PDFs you already purchased through The “digital” access must be unlocked through owning the PDF - hardcover-only purchases do not qualify for the discount.

Thanks again!


Thank you for the clarification, BE! Now I can line up how I want to move forward on adopting PNexus.