Tooltip for actions (pathfinder2)

Please (plz plz) add a hover tooltip over the actions for everything. I recognize that those symbols are different, but I am having a tough time remembering / differentiating between them – specifically free action vs 1 action.

EDIT: I think my biggest issue is that some of the action symbols are on dark backgrounds, and some of them are on light backgrounds. The free action and the one action are inverses of eachother, so my old and newbie mind gets confused. This seems like the sort of thing that pf2 veterans simply get, but I find myself constantly second guessing myself.


Hello! Thanks for the feedback.

I actually talked a little about this in our Dev Update stream today. We will be making some updates in the coming weeks that will make those icons more accessible for screen readers, and as part of that, the tooltips you mention will come.

Stay tuned, and thanks again!