Trouble With Search?

I am using the search function to find certain rules and it provides me a list of where the search term is found. So far, so good, But then when I click one of the results it takes me back to a default page instead of the page with the rules I am searching for. Just bought all 3 books on Cyber Monday, The Core Book, the Kang Book and the Preorder Book, Help Please.

I reported the same problem a few days ago on the Discord, and haven’t heard anything since then.

We’re still working on this. Our search feature is not in a finished state yet, but we do have additional planned work on it that should help significantly. :slight_smile:

Also, when I’m using Chrome on my Samsung Android phone, the search bar does not allow input … it just brings down the MuiMenu-list listbox.

I am wondering if the

“MuiInputBase-root” or its field isn’t long enough on mobile device screen sizes.

Thank you,

We’ll take a look at it. :slight_smile: