UI Slow in Vivaldi

Sometimes a button to train a skill or boost an ability score takes a long time to process, but it queues up clicks which doesn’t work great when I click it a second time thinking it didn’t register the click the first time (since it ends up just reversing the effects). I know responsiveness isn’t to be expected at this phase, and that Edge (which I believe is also a Chromium browser) is having similar issues, but figured I’d log it here to make sure that it doesn’t fall under the radar. It’s very pretty even if it is a little slow :wink:

Additionally, not sure if this really counts as a bug, but the info panel (e.g. the thing that explains what a Human is and all the benefits of being one at the ancestry selection screen) does not appear at the default zoom on my browser. It very much could be a window aspect ratio thing (my laptop screen is more square than most, and I have my tabs on the left side of my screen instead of the top), but figured I’d give a heads up.