Ultimate Bundle minus Preorders

Could there be an option for the Ultimate Bundle, sans preorders?

I’m a Paizo Subscriber, therefore I’m getting each physical release along with a PDF. However, this clashes with the Ultimate Bundle, because I can’t get the PDF discount for products that aren’t released yet! It would seem to me a good idea to have a bundle that doesn’t devalue the Paizo sub.


Hello and we appreciate the feedback.

We are not satisfied with how pre-orders with Paizo Connect work right now and are actively working to try to come up with suitable solutions with Paizo. No ETA yet, but we will provide updates as we have something to share.



I agree, purchasing the ultimate bundle shouldn’t take into account pre-orders.

Unless it somehow can check what Paizo subscriptions are there, and sync that info as well. Only way I can kind of see that working.

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I’m on the same boat and ready for the Ultimate Bundle as soon as I have an option without the pre-orders. I’d love some update on this.


Currently, this and Paypal payments are the conditions keeping me from pulling the trigger. I imagine these two conditions being satisfied would lead to a lot more folks becoming comfortable with the big all-in buys.


We got the PayPal, halfway to pulling the trigger. I’m an instant buy when I can purchase the bundle without devaluing my Paizo subs :slight_smile:

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i have paizo sub an u still get the pdfs early from them i also bought the bundle

Sure, but you don’t get the discount for the PDFs you don’t already have with the Ultimate Bundle here. This disincentivizes being a Paizo subscriber, since I might as well just buy from Amazon and get the PDFs from buying on Demiplane.

I want to give Paizo more of the money, so I don’t want to buy from Amazon. However, I don’t want to get double dipped on the PDF. So until I can get an ultimate bundle that doesn’t invalidate the Paizo subs’ value, I’m holding off.

i dont feel disincentivizes buy the bundle cuz i dont have to buy every book when i come out right away after buying the bundle

Hoping you have something to share soon :stuck_out_tongue:. I’m sure it would prompt more all-in buys.


Also, I really don’t see what is complicated.

Make a second Ultimate Bundle. Exclude “Preorder” content. Done? The information on what is a preorder product is already captured in the Demiplane store!

Just doing a routine bump on this topic. :slight_smile:

There needs to be a vehicle for every bundle that prorates purchases already made and subtracts the difference from the final cost. It prevents waste and encourages purchases due to minimizing sunk costs.

Honestly, the preorders being part of the bundle is preventing my purchasing the bundle. I would absolutely jump on it as I find a lot of value with the site, but at any given moment there are between 3 and 8 books that I would have to effectively pay double for. At the very least just don’t include the pre-releases until 30 days before they arrive - that would give us the window we need.

Same. I am going to get those PDF’s eventually when i get my hardcovers through the subscription. I would love to get everything on here as well, but I don’t want to preorder books I know I am going to buy and have a discount added to as they officially release.