Unable to remove item from Cart

Today I placed two item in my cart, yet decided I only wanted one of them and therefor click the remove “button” and was meet with: Your Cart is Currently Empty!

This alone could be classified as an issue, do main issue is that item reappear in the chart upon opening again.

OS and Browser
Windows 10 - Chrome Version 110.0.5481.178.

Thanks for letting us know! If you log out of your account and then log back in after trying to remove the item from your account, does it still show up in your cart?

Yes both items are still present after I press the Remove Button, Log out and Log back in.

Do had to test on my Home pc.
Windows 11 - Opera GX Lvl 4 (core: 95.0.4635.71)

Thanks for the additional information! That being the case, could you fill out a support ticket and list what email address is associated with your account so our team can track our process as we dig into the issue and fix it? This will also let us communicate back to you with status updates and request any additional information we might need along the way. :slight_smile: