Unless I am mistaken I am not seeing discount for any special edition pdfs I have for books

Looks like I only have discounts from my paizo account if I have the non-special edition pdf. Is that intentional?

I was looking looking to see what the ultimate bundle price is with the full discount.

This is a limitation with Paizo Connect, where we can only connect to one product on the Paizo store. If you submit a support ticket detailing which Special Edition PDFs you own, and include a screenshot of them in your Paizo account downloads, we can give you a discount code to make sure you pay the Paizo Connect price. :slight_smile:


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Good to know, The short answer is i have all off them that were ever included in a subscription (except first AP i guess) Not really ready to buy yet just wanted to see the actual price I’d pay would be.

Thanks for the info, Will inquire at the provided link later.

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