Update Notes 05/15/2024 - Pathfinder 2e Crafting

Hello Demiplanars!

Do you like arts and crafts? Like building things? Then this update is for you! Pathfinder 2e characters can now craft items in the Equipment tab of their character sheet. From the Crafting drawer you can start projects, make your Crafting checks, or save the projects for later if Adventure comes calling! Have all the time in Golarion? Take your time and spend a few more days on the project to reduce its cost.

Costs are automatically taken from your character’s currency upon completing (or failing!) the project. Once complete, your new creation will appear in your equipment!

Eager to build something? Start at the CRAFTING button in the Equipment tab:

Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 3.17.21 PM

Until our paths cross again,

The Demiplane Team


Ooh, cool. Interesting that you have to pay for crafting, but not regular purchases (yes, I know… just pointing it out for those that don’t).