Update Notes 1/10/2023

I originally typed 2022 in the thread title…classic.

Happy New Year! We’re back and off to a strong start, with plenty more to come in what will be an EPIC 2023. A new build went out earlier today - you’ll find the update notes below.

1/10/2023 Release Notes

Prior to our holiday break, we released a wave of Performance Enhancements implemented into our Pathfinder 2e Character Builder and Sheet. Now that we’re back in the office, we are release another wave of features and enhancements that we worked on throughout the break!

Major Updates

  • Our major update for this week involves bringing additional information closer to the player through our use of drawers across the Character Sheet. Users should now be able to click on nearly any available Game Element and see a wide variety of information - ranging from specific information detailing the specifics of an item, class feature, or ability score to more broadly applicable rules that articulate how different forms of light impact Perception.
  • This update involved work in nearly every aspect of the Character Sheet, so please let us know if things don’t look quite right now that it is live.

Additional Enhancements & Updates

  • You can search for both Skills and Skill Actions while in the Skill Panels.

  • Toggling the Action & Activity display settings to “Off” now turns off the respective Action or Activity.

  • Due to popular demand: updated click areas for Skills and the Action & Activities rows – clicking on the row now expands and collapses a row.

  • Clicking the name of the button will open the drawer.

  • Introduced the second wave of our Experience Point tracker. Select “Manage XP” to display how far your character is to global domination (or level 2, whichever comes first).

  • Introduced the first version of the “Armor Class” drawer.

  • We are aware of a display-related bug that is impacting AC calculation and are working on a resolution.

  • Updated Rules & Compendium information in the Perception drawer.

  • Updated Rules & Compendium information in the Ability Score drawers.


More to come Thursday, have a good week!