Update Notes 1/19/2023

Hello everyone! We’ve pushed several updates today that are detailed below.

Before we get into today’s release, behind the scenes, we have been hard at work on two major updates that you’ll see soon.

The two major ‘in-flight’ updates include…

  • Updates of 750+ Pathfinder 2e game elements. These updates include everything from granting bonuses in the right areas to our system providing notes to various areas of your character sheet so you remember that you have a bonus to saving throws against death effects. Many of these updates have been highlighted by the community - thank you!
  • Spellcasting, Spell Preparation, & Spell Resource Management. We’ve been working hard on spellcasting since returning from our holiday break and we’re pleased to say things are progressing well. An early view of the initial Spellcasting layout is below and progress is being made on a daily basis. We can’t wait for you to have it in your hands!

Update Notes 1/19/2023

*Note: This update contains a major system change that may influence older characters (see "Errata Update: Ancestry Ability Boost Options below).

  • Archetype Feats are now available in the Character Builder. We have added archetype feats to the Character Builder as a first step deeper into Pathfinder 2e’s Archetype system. There is a longer road ahead with Archetypes and this is the next step!

  • Errata Update: Ancestry Ability Boost Options. We have implemented the new Ancestry Ability Boost process as defined by Paizo’s latest Errata. We are eager to collect your feedback on this update, which the Paizo team defines as an “optional - not variant” rule. Two important callouts on this update:

    • First, selecting a boost option on top of a previously built character will artificially increase the number of ability boosts available to pre-errata characters. To avoid the ire of your Game Master, we are happy to share with you that you can avoid falling into this trap by ignoring the additional choice needed to be made in the Ancestry section of the builder.
    • Second, we are aware of a bug associated with sibling choices not being removed when one of the siblings is changed. In this case, we are aware that changing your Ancestry Boost Option does not remove the boosts you may have selected using your past option. This is not intended and will be resolved in a later fix.
  • Resolved issues impacting the selection of a Barbarian’s Instinct. Previously, some instincts were crashing the builder based on prior Character choices.

  • Added Range to Ranged Weapon drawer information. Viewing a ranged weapon’s details in the Character Sheet will now accurately display that item’s range increment.

  • Updated feat sorting order. We’ve updated our feat sorting order and are interested in your thoughts. There are many, many feats in the game and we want to ensure we are balancing the desire to explore character options with speed to selection.


That’s it for today - thanks once again for all the help and we’ll get back with more next week!