Update Notes 1/24/2023

Hello everyone!

Seeing the increased amount of feedback has been exciting - we appreciate your participation in the alpha. Today’s release includes many updates and enhancements regarding the application of bonuses and penalties to characters across the Character Sheet. We’ve been working on our “bonus infrastructure” and are glad to see things shaping up so well.


  • Added over 500 different bonuses and penalties into the Character Sheet. For example, wearing the Hat of the Magi - which grants +1 to Arcana checks - now delivers that bonus onto the sheet.

    • Known Bugs: Two bugs are impacting equipping and unequipping armor. Equipping armor displays an inflated AC on the sheet (the correct AC displays in the drawer) and does not display a speed penalty until refreshed. Additionally, unequipping armor with a speed penalty does not remove the speed penalty until you refresh the character sheet.
  • Added 120+ notes to various items, feats, features, and spells (coming soon!). These notes are added to your character’s sheet as the character progresses or equips items.

  • Damage types now contain fancy little icons. Bonus internet points to the character who collects them all!

  • As characters advance, Pathfinder 2e becomes a game of big bonuses. To understand what character choices are influencing your bonuses, we have incorporated a bonus build-up list in popular areas of the character sheet. Below are the areas you can find the new bonus build-up lists:

    • Armor Class drawer
    • Saving Throws drawer
    • Perception drawer
    • Hit Points Drawer
    • Skill & Skill Action drawers


  • We were overzealous in applying a three boost / one flaw Ancestry Ability Boost option. We have removed this Ancestry Ability Boost option.

  • Note: If you have a character with the no-longer-present three boost / one flaw option selected, your character will break if you choose one of the remaining Ancestry Ability Boost options.

  • Another Note: We are receiving reports of Characters receiving +6 to ability scores when selecting an Ancestry Ability Boost option. We are having a difficult time replicating this issue - any outside assistance in reproducing this will be of great help!

  • Certain Actions, Feats, and Character Options were duplicated in the Character Builder and Sheet. We have resolved many of these issues. If you run into any others, please let us know!


More to come on Thursday!