Update Notes 12/13/2022

Hello everyone!

We had a new build go out earlier today. Here are the notes:

12/12/2022 Updates

  • Added very basic Character Details drawer, allowing users to navigate back to the builder from a character sheet. Accessible by clicking on your Character’s portrait in the Character sheet.
  • Tooltips within drawers are now working
  • All Actions should now extend the full width of the drawer
  • Pressing BEGIN only requires one click to advance to the Ancestry screen
  • Performed a styling and readability pass on compendium and rule information in character sheet drawers.
  • Minor updates to the Armor Class drawer. Work continues.
  • Character choices in the Builder now display tooltips
  • Update to the Add Item drawer focused on ensuring items were are added consistently to the character sheet. More to come with Equipment.
  • Base Item information is now flowing into item details drawers. Work continues on Magic Items.


We expect another release Thursday, which will include a couple of the more crucial break fixes that will give the builder more stability to complete the creation process. Our goal is to get as much stability in place ahead of our holiday break as we can to allow tire-kicking over those couple of weeks to be as unimpeded as possible.

More Thursday, thanks again for participating in the Closed Alpha!


i’m not sure if i’m allowed to post feedback but a recurring issue returned, in trying to make a barbarian i ended up not being able to access feats anymore if i misclick on something or if i reload the page, it ends up putting me in a situation where clicking on feats or anything else opens up description for character creation, another issue that i have is something i can’t show in pictures, but after exiting from selecting a tab for feats or power, it won’t let me re-click it.

(edit to add: if i can get around the character creation text problem it just ends up a black screen, i haven’t tested how long it stays that way but i think it stays like that)