Update Notes 12/15/2022

Hello everyone!

Another build was released today for the character tools Close Alpha. Here are the update notes:

Major Updates

  • We have resolved the issues keeping users from changing their Ancestry, Background, or Class
  • We have resolved issues with Character Progression:
    • Gaining a level from XP no longer grants 2 levels
    • Users can add/remove character levels on the sheet and make updates in the builder.
  • We have started to populate item drawers with relevant information. You should see key information for basic weapons, armor, and shields populating when the items are in your character’s inventory.
    • We will be following up with Magic and more advanced items, as well as adding compendium information for all items
  • The Damage Drop-down menu is now fully interactable, which means characters now roll the correct alternative and critical damage

Additional Enhancements & Fixes

  • Updated Character Sheet drawer styling
  • Activated bottom buttons in Equipment section - the Add Container drawer will be activated at a later date.
  • Attempting to remove a level from your character now summons a modal making sure you really, really want that to happen
  • Second & Third attacks are now correctly rolling, including benefits from Agile weapons.
  • Only one armor can now be equipped at a time (Additional Armor updates coming)
  • A Character’s CURRENT HP field should now match Max HP at Character Creation. Previously, it would default to 0.
  • Removed many, many instances where [1] and undefined damage types appeared in the Actions & Activities drawer.

We expect at least one more build next week before we head into our team’s holiday break. Again, we encourage continued feedback throughout the end of the year as we’ll be tracking and parsing it all.



Please pass along our thanks for all the hard work everyone has done this year. We can really see the results and passion!

Looking forward to what 2023 hold for us.