Update Notes 12/20/2022

12/20/2022 Release Notes

Thanks once again to everyone for the great early feedback. Today’s release continues our efforts of getting the right information to users when they need it and where they need it! Additionally, we’ve been able to jump on several fixes originally identified by our alpha testers.

We will have one more release this week before taking a two week break. Notes on what has been included in this release below:

Major Updates

  • Added full compendium support for Skill, Skill Actions, and Item Drawers. Our intent with this support is to deliver relevant rules and game mechanics that help plan your next attack or determine how best to spend your next down time.
  • More compendium and rules support will follow as we progress through the alpha. Additional areas of focus include ability scores, armor class, actions (beyond skill actions), spells, feats, and class features.
  • We made the decision to push the compendium support today in a somewhat unpolished state, so the look and feel you’re seeing the drawer is close but not exactly what you’ll be seeing once things are styled in a later pass.
  • All items from enabled content are now available to be added to your Character Sheet. Previously, we limited item additions to only include items that leaned on features we wanted to stress test in alpha. Three cheers for bedrolls, chalk, and pocket stages! They’re back on the menu!
  • We are releasing the first pass of our Conditions drawer onto the Character Sheet. This drawer is intended to act as both a reference and tracker for Conditions impacting your character. We are eager for your feedback!
  • We are working through some display issues with the Persistent Damage condition and will get it updated by Thursday’s release.
  • Resolved an issue that was keeping Feats from appearing in the builder when users would navigate away and return. This also resolved a similar issue where feats were not loading past the first page of available feats.
  • We are continuing to hunt down an issue where some feats repeat on the last page.
  • Floating drawers that appear for widescreen support (1600px + resolution) will now scroll along with the rest of the character sheet.

Additional Enhancements

  • The dropdown menu that appears in each equipment row now allows users to both view items in their character’s inventory and remove them.
  • Resolved an issue with the Human Ancestry’s “Natural Ambition” feat not displaying feat options after a class had been selected.
  • Similarly, fixed a crash that occurred when selecting a feat leveraging the Human Ancestry’s Versatile Heritage.
  • Character Hit Points no longer reset to max each time the character sheet is opened.
  • Fixed an issue impacting Hold-Scarred Orcs from earning their hard-fought 12 hit points. You didn’t get all those tattoos for nothing!
  • Resolved an issue causing the Champion’s Level 3 Divine Allies selection to crash the character builder.
  • Resolved an issue where an empty search result caused continued issues after clearing the search.
  • Resolved an issue where a user was able to choose a record-setting seven ancestry feats (!!) in a single level.
  • The “Shield Block” action was not flowing through to the Actions & Activities panel. This has been resolved.
  • Magic Item Details now appear in their respective item drawers (last week’s release supported non-magical items).

to give some feedback still about the display for the creator in general still being weird

(i’m using a t.v so others may not be experiencing this) this is how the creator normally looks, seems normal and fine

now i press f11 and i notice there’s a hidden one not shown, not sure if this is still being worked on but i can see it becoming an issue with some people, including if it’s still hiding charisma to boost.

Thanks for sending this along! It looks like your TV is somehow displaying the tablet view of the builder. I can tell this based on the two-column setup (desktop resolutions of over 1600 pixel width will display three columns for easier viewing). This feedback is helpful as prep for tablet and mobile clean-up!

no worries, i would also like to know something odd, if you guys plan to keep adding stuff from the core source books like guns and gears in while the updates keep coming in or just working with the alpha cause i still have stuff that i can check to respond with if needs be

i need something to do.

Not an odd question at all! We’ll be rolling in additional Pathfinder content as the alpha progresses!