Update Notes 12/22/2022 - Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, everyone! Your participation and feedback in the Closed Alpha so far has been energizing to our team, so it is with this energy that we are pleased to share our last update of 2022. Don’t worry, we’ll be back in full force with much more to come in the new year!

Prior to diving into the specific updates and enhancements of this release, we should highlight it includes the first round of major performance enhancements. These performance improvements specifically revolve around response to selections throughout the builder and sheet. Examples of areas where you should see noticeable improvement includes things like choosing which abilities to boost or adding items to your character sheet. There are a few known issues that are a result of this update, and we’ve called those out below. Areas of specific feedback we are looking for with this first pass of performance enhancement include feats, features, skills, etc. that drive additional choices and are not being displayed in the builder. Examples of this include the Assurance feat, the Multilingual feat, and things like selecting customer lore skills.

And with that, you can find the update notes below. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and see you on the flip side!

Update Notes 12/22/2022

Major Updates

  • App Performance: Wave One - Response to Selection – This first wave of performance enhancements specifically revolves around response to selections throughout the builder and sheet. This first wave touched many portions of the builder and sheet.
  • Character Sheet Drawers: Contextual Information – Users should now see information about every skill, skill action, feat, feature, item, and action when they open a drawer. This information includes details on the specific game element itself, as well as contextual Pathfinder 2e rules that help players and game masters make decisions about how to best use that game element. We believe having the right information in the right place helps learn new games (or remember forgotten tricks!). We’re interested in your feedback here.

Additional Fixes and Enhancements

  • Issues with Skill Training & Skill Proficiency labels were resolved. There are a few issues still needing to be ironed out, but please continue to highlight anything you may run into.
  • Identified and began resolving issues tied to class feature choices that lead to additional choices, like the Animal Instinct Barbarian and Draconic Sorcerer. We will continue to update these as they come in.
  • Resolved user reported issues with Hunter’s Edge and Wild Druid Order causing app crashes. Rangers and Druids get along much better now.
  • Barbarian Class has received an overhaul. You should now see feats, class options, skill training options, etc. appearing throughout the class.
  • Natural Ambition should now provide guidance on selecting a class feat when a class isn’t selected.
  • Resolved an issue where Dice Rolls from your other characters were appearing in your current character’s dice roll backlog.
  • Added a note that indicates what type of dice roll was made - skill roll, attack roll, damage roll, ability check, etc. - in the roller window.


It’s hard to believe we’re only two weeks in on the Closed Alpha. Thanks so much for the help - Pathfinder fans are the reason we do all of this and you are greatly appreciated. Please accept our entire team’s warmest holiday wishes heading into the new year!


Not sure if this was the right spot to put this but the Eldritch Trickster doesn’t lead to a feat choice and when I added the sorcerer multiclass archetype to the character sheet it wouldn’t let me choose a bloodline

Love the drawers, they are incredibly useful!