Update Notes 2/14/2023

With a few extra days of development under our belt, we’re thrilled to announce that our Alpha Spellcasting Features are now available for you and your groupmates to explore!

Unlock the worlds of arcane, divine, occult, and primal possibilities with the new Spells section, accessible from the “Spells” tab on your Character Sheet. For characters with Spellcasting capabilities, you’ll find several rows where spells can be selected, grouped by the level of spells available to be cast. Plus, characters with prepopulated spells granted by features like the Sorcerer’s Bloodline or the Bard’s Muse will have them ready and available the moment they’re created.

Selecting an available row will open up your Add Spell drawer or Spellbook, where you’ll find a list of spells available to your character. We are working to ensure that these spells are immediately available on your sheet after creation - we’ll be updating class by class now that this foundational capability is out.

Finally, everyone knows the best part about rules involves breaking them! The Settings button at the top of the spells section assists you in bending the reality of your spellcasting situation further than Pathfinder’s system typically allows. Select the Settings button to override the number of spell slots you have for a given spellcasting feature. Or, throw all rules out the window and add spell slots entirely ungoverned by the rules – what good is a level 4 monk if they don’t have several fireball spells at their disposal, after all?

Thanks to everyone for being patient with us as we spent the past 5-6 days preparing this release. We’re looking forward to your feedback!

And here are some specifics, although this is a big update and there could be several minor things that aren’t included in the list below.


  • Added Spellcasting support for broad spellcasting features, including focus and ritual spells.

  • Began adding Spellcasting support for magic items.

  • Please note: support for items that add innate spells are following a basic ruleset of determining innate spellcasting attack rolls and save DCs (trained proficiency for both attacks and saves, plus CHA modifiers where applicable)

  • Added Spellbook Management for classes leveraging spellbook and spellbook-like features.

  • Heightened Spells are available for selection in higher-level spell slots. We are working on scaling damage accordingly.

  • The Cast button has been added to govern spell resources (primarily, spell slots) as they are consumed.


  • Preferences & Rules section should no longer result in an endless portal spinner in the center column.
  • Skill Feats granted by selecting a Background now displays the Feat’s information in the Character Builder.
  • Speed Penalties from having Armor and Shields are now applied and removed when the armor and/or shields are removed.
  • We’ve added a new capability that allows us to add text above certain character choices to help provide important context.

Areas of Future Focus

  • There are still Spellcasting feats and features (including Archetypes) that need additional work to bring across the finish line. This work will continue.

  • An example of this type of work include things like “Signature Spells” which delivers a special experience for a selected spell.

  • We’ve identified an issue with the “My Library” drawer delivering a poor experience. We’re exploring how best to improve this.

  • Some spells may be displaying damage as “NaN” - we’re actively hunting these spells down. If you see them, please let us know.