Update Notes 2/22/2023

Hello everyone!

We have another batch of updates and fixes for the Pathfinder 2e Character Tools on Demiplane that just went live. This includes a set of touch-ups for the recently-released Spells functionality, and another round of performance enhancements aimed at improving builder response times. We have also made several updates to class-related features.

General Updates

  • In response to popular demand, clicking on a character’s card in the “My Characters” section of Demiplane now directs you to the Character Sheet instead of the Character Builder.

    • You can still access the Character Builder through the kebob menu or by clicking on the Character Sheet portrait.
  • Further platform performance enhancements have been made to improve builder response times.

  • Fixed the Action symbol filters in the Character Sheet’s Action & Activities list.

  • Increased the number of results available in the Add Spells drawer, so all spells available for a given level and feature should now be displayed.

  • Updated Spell Display drawers to include Spell Attacks and Spell Saves.

  • Updated Innate Spellcasting attack and save calculations, with work continuing on innate spell-granting features and feats.

  • Resolved an issue where Armor Class was calculating correctly in the Armor Class drawers but not in the AC display on the sheet.

  • Updated the styling of the Hit Points drawer to match other drawers.

  • Resolved an issue where damage was reducing the character’s Hit Point pool despite having Temporary Hit Points.

  • Resolved an issue where page numbers were not appearing when selecting Backgrounds.

Class Updates

  • Alchemist

    • Chirurgeon is now available as an Alchemist class option.
  • Cleric

    • The Harm & Heal Divine Font class features can now be expanded without crashing the Builder.
  • Investigator

    • Resolved issues where Skill Increases were not appropriately increasing skill proficiencies
  • Sorcerer

    • Resolved issues with the Elemental, Genie, and Wyrmblessed Bloodlines crashing the Character Builder when selected.
  • Swashbuckler

    • Resolved issue with Stylish Tricks not being able to be unlocked.
    • Resolved issue with the Eternal Confidence class feature not displaying information.
  • Wizard

    • Arcane Schools are now available to be selected.
    • Selecting an Arcane School grants extra slots that are able to be filled with known spells of the selected school.

Moving forward, we are continuing our efforts by expanding into two new categories: implementing shield mechanics and mobile/tablet/responsive layouts for the Character Builder and Sheet, in addition to implementing various class feature mechanics.

Thanks for your help!


Just got access today! This is Alpha AF, but I am SO excited to keep seeing this product grow! You’re 100% making a product that I will buy into and bring my parties of players to once it’s a little farther along. I am so excited for the character tools to come for Pathfinder, 5e, Avatar Legends, and I’d love to see Cypher tools eventually. This will be my one stop shop FOREVER! Sorry if I’m coming off a little strong, but I’m really excited for this!


How does one get invited to the closed alpha? The article on the main page says to click the button above, but there’s no button that I can detect.

Clicking on the article just takes you to the forum. So…happy to help troubleshoot the Alpha Character builder if you need additional help.