Update Notes 2/28/2023

Hello everyone!

We’ve leveled up our widescreen drawer support (and more) in today’s Pathfinder 2e Character Tools update! Here’s what’s new:

  • No more bouncing back and forth - drawers will now stay in view as you scroll through a character’s details on widescreen monitors.
  • Each spell’s Spell Attack modifier and Saves are built up in their drawer, displaying each bonus (or penalty).
  • All Character Sheet Drawers and the Equipment Section now have empty states while loading content.
  • Characters are now limited to 3 Hero Points
  • Max Hit Points are no longer being overridden by hit points tied to the Character’s Class.
  • Finally - for all of our sword-and-board enthusiasts - we have released our first wave of Shield Mechanics support. Add and equip a shield in the Equipment section to toggle the new shield component.
    • Work continues on the Shield Mechanic drawer, which displays information about the specific shield equipped, as well as allows users to edit Shield HP.

The team is now working on Spell Heightening. While that work is taking place, we are also beginning to tackle Builder layout updates for smaller screens, tablets, and mobile devices.



I’m excited for the layout updates! I have been experiencing display issues on my phone (iPhone 14) (see attached screenshots). I can make a separate post if you want me to.

These screenshots are all things that we’re starting the work on to address presently. I’ll share once we’ve gotten to a place where we believe you shouldn’t have any remaining mobile view issues, and then you can check it out and see that everything is as it should be.