Update Notes - 2/6/2023

Thanks to everyone for your patience while we put the final touches on today’s release, introducing three significant capabilities detailed below! We will follow up later this week to present our first Closed Alpha Spellcasting capabilities to the Pathfinder 2e Character Sheet.

#1. Character Tools: Performance Enhancements
One of the three significant capabilities introduced today includes expediting loading and response times across the Character Builder and Sheet by +50%. We can also target specific areas of a Character Toolset for improvements. What does this mean for you? In addition to a much more responsive experience, please let us know if you find a spot in the app where loading feels excessive.

Please note: we have not seen any instances where this performance enhancement ‘broke’ previously made characters during our testing. However, we would not be surprised if things appear wonky in a spot or two (as this was a major overhaul of some key systems).

#2. A New Login Experience: Google / Social Sign-in
What started as a side project over December’s holiday break was officially released today! We are proud to introduce our new sign-in and account creation experience. New Demiplane sign-ups will now be able to leverage single-sign-in benefits from Google, Twitch, and Facebook. In addition, current Demiplane users can link their social accounts to Demiplane as long as the email address used for Demiplane matches a previously mentioned social account on Facebook, Google, or Twitch.

#3. Paypal, Paypal Later, and Availability in New Geographies
We have received many requests these past few weeks to implement Paypal across the platform. As a result, this final of three capabilities includes the addition of Paypal as a payment provider, which unlocks several new geographies to Demiplane’s marketplace of serviceable regions and provides the opportunity to leverage payment features that Paypal offers as Paypal’s Pay Later function.

We’ll be back with more this week, thanks again for all the help!